Stanley/Stella Discon­tinu­ations

Due to supplier discon­tinu­ations, several products and variants from the Stanley/Stella collection must be removed from our catalogue.

This blog post details the upcoming discon­tinu­ation, and the following products or variants will be discontinued with immediate effect, on the 12th of July 2022. 

If your products are currently linked to any of the below variants, orders will not be received and you must update your linked product to an alternative. An easy way to check if you're affected is to view your linked products, and if they all remain 100% linked, then you have not been affected by the discon­tinu­ations. If any products show less than 100% linked, you will need to link the missing variants to new colours or remove them from your product listing entirely. 

We apologise for any inconvenience these discon­tinu­ations may cause. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team via live chat or email. 

Product Discon­tinu­ations

The following items have been discontinued entirely.

  • Changer Splatter

  • Creator Splatter

  • Creator Tie & Dye

  • Cruiser Tie & Dye

  • Embroidered Creator – Camouflage

  • Embroidered Cruiser AOP - Camouflage

  • Fletcher | Embroidered

  • Getter

  • Globetrotter Wave Terry

  • Imaginer

  • Re-Blaster

  • Ringer

  • Sloaner

  • Stanley Shifts Dry

  • Stella Bower

  • Stella Fringer

  • Stella Spinner

  • Stella Streeter

  • Stella Trigger

  • Stella Twister

  • Stroller

  • Tote Bag Tie & Dye

  • Triber

  • Triber Splatter

Variant Discon­tinu­ations

The following products only have specific colours being removed. Any colours not mentioned here will remain available as normal. 


  • Creator in the following colours: Carmine Red, Cream Heather Pink, Dusty Mint, Jojoba, Linden Green, Melon Code, Olive Oil, Varsity Green and Volcano Stone

  • Creator Vintage in Carmine Red and Canyon Pink

  • Fuser in Jojoba and Dusty Mint

  • Prepster Polo Shirt in Jojoba

  • Sparker in Bright Red and Deep Chocolate

  • Stella Chiller in Volcano Stone

  • Stella Evoker in Heather Grape Red and Raspberry

  • Stella Expresser in the following colours: Bright Orange, Carmine Red, Deep Chocolate, Dusty Mint, Golden Yellow, Jojoba, Melon Code, Mid Heather Grey, Raspberry and Varsity Green


  • Cruiser in the following colours: Carmine Red, Dusty Mint, Jojoba, Linden Green, Olive Oil and Varsity Green
  • Stanley Flyer in Mid Heather Blue

  • Slammer in Jojoba


  • Changer in the following colours: Dusty Mint, Jojoba, Olive Oil and Volcano Stone

  • Radder in Jojoba



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