3 Tips For Running An Online Business

Thinking about setting up your own online business? Here at inkthreadable we love helping new businesses become successful by selling our products. So we've decided to dedicate this blog post to dishing out our many years of experience in selling online products. This blog isn't just limited to selling T-Shirts either, the principles here apply to almost any kind of online business.

Focus on customer service

This is a really important aspect of any business, regardless of whether or not it's online. At inkthreadable we make customer service our number one priority. People judge a business based on how it treats its customers, so we try to make sure all of our customers are treated exactly how we'd like to be treated. This means a prompt service and regular dialogue with our customers and clients. Our clients can call us for anything, and that's one of the reasons they'll keep coming back.

Encourage repeat businesses

Did you know it costs seven times more to gain a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? Some businesses put all of their efforts into recruiting new customers, but what are you doing to encourage existing customers to come back and use the service again? There's loads of different ways to go about doing this, but our favourite methods are regular newsletters and giving discounts on future orders. Everyone has their own way of encouraging brand loyalty, and the more unique ideas are usually the best.

Keep mixing it up

At inkthreadable we go to great lengths to make sure we're always offering our customers something new. In the last few months we've launched two brand new ranges – our gym fashion clothing line and our range of printed tote bags. We like to make sure we're keeping up to date with the needs and demands of our clients, and we're never afraid of trying something new. Never rest on your laurels. Always try to keep ahead of the curve.

What do you think of our tips? What are your tips for running an online business? Tweet us @inkthreadable and we'll be happy to share your words of wisdom with our followers!

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