Your guide to the new Stanley/Stella colours


Stanley/Stella have just released their new styles and colours for the AW20 season!

We're working on getting the new styles launched in our own catalogue, and these will become available in the coming weeks. You can expect to see some new sweater options, a couple of long-sleeves, and some thick unisex t-shirts.

New Stanley/Stella AW20 colours

New Colours

Stanley/Stella have taken inspiration from earth, wind, fire & water for their new range of colours. The wooden nuances in browns, ochres, bronzes, and beiges blend harmoniously with the subtle, soft faded floral pink, mauve, and rose colours. We think they're perfect for the coming autumnal nights and we're already excited to see how you put them to use for your brand. 

We've already added the new Stanley/Stella colours to all available products. The eight colours above are brand new, and a few 'carry over' colours have been added to key products. These are India Ink Grey, Candy Pink, and Deep Chocolate. You can find out which colours have been added to which products below: 

Adding the new colour variants to your store

If you order manually, you'll want to download new mockups for these variants, upload them to your product pages and then place manual orders as-and-when needed. 

If you're integrated, your products won't update to include these variants automatically. You can create new products and export these to your store as normal, but if you want to add the new colours to existing products it'll take a bit of work. 

Regardless of which platform you use, you'll first create the new colour variants for each product in your store and then manually link these variants through your preferences page. You can find out how to manually link your new variants here: 

The colours are now available in our catalogue so you can get your new products live immediately!

Stanley/Stella discon­tinu­ations

With the new season styles and colours being introduced by Stanley/Stella, some of the old seasonal colours are soon to be discontinued. We're discontinuing these colours immediately to avoid being unable to fulfil an order due to stock issues. The products affected and the colours being discontinued are: 

The Embroidered Leopard Print Creator is being discontinued today due to being discontinued by Stanley/Stella.

Finally, the Stanley Leads will be discontinued from Friday 11th September 2020. A great alternative for this product is the Creator, a unisex t-shirt of a similar cut, style and sizing as the Stanley Leads but available in more colour variants.

If you have any questions about these new additions or discon­tinu­ations, please get in touch with our support team.

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