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Which t-shirt is right for your brand?

Creator, CV3001 & GD05 hanging on a clothes rail

Choosing the right t-shirt for your clothing is a difficult decision, especially when Inkthre­adable’­s print-on-demand catalogue is packed full of options. We could write a novel-length blog post comparing each product but instead, we’ve gone for just three.

But these aren’t just any three. They’re the three top-selling t-shirts in our catalogue, and they’re each great for different reasons.

Stanley/­Stella Creator

Close up of the Creator from Stanley/Stella

From: £10.26 inc VAT.

Potential retail value: £20 - £40+


Ideal for: premium, eco-friendly, socially responsible, and vegan brands.

Prints: colourful, with fine detail. Expect high fidelity and high-quality results.

Weight/­material: 180 gsm/100% organic ringspun combed cotton.

The Creator from Stanley/­Stella is one of our best selling t-shirts. It’s a little more expensive than other options in Inkthre­adable’­s catalogue, but with good reason.­ 

Stanley/­Stella is insanely conscious about the fashion industry’s impact on the world, both envi­ron­men­tally and socially. They’re committed to being the change. Everything is organic, recycled, or both, and manufactured in transparent, fair working conditions. We’ve touched on their certi­fica­tions below, but for a well-rounded view of the good they do you should check out their susta­ina­bility page

The Creator is one of the most beautiful t-shirts you’ll find in our catalogue. In some ways, quality is subjective — what one person likes, another may not — but the Creator tends to be the t-shirt everyone can agree on. It’s a standard unisex cut with side seams and set-in sleeves, made from weighty 100% organic cotton for a premium feel and finish. When worn, it feels soft but thick and well-made. It’s the t-shirt you wouldn’t mind taking home to your mum.

This t-shirt is ideal for almost all brands and niches. Stanley/­Stella’­s credentials make the Creator perfect for eco-friendly or vegan brands, but if you’re just looking for a high-quality t-shirt, the Creator has you covered. 

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Bella & Canvas Unisex Crew Neck T-Shirt

Close up of the CV3001 from Bella + Canvas

From: £9.26 inc VAT.

Potential retail value: £20 - £35+


Ideal for: mainstream brands.

Prints: colourful, with fine detail. Expect high fidelity and high-quality results.

Weight/­material: 145 gsm/100% ringspun combed cotton. 

This unisex essential fits like a well-loved favourite, featuring a crew neck, short sleeves and designed with superior combed and ring-spun cotton that offers a beautiful blank canvas for printing.

The price bracket makes this t-shirt the perfect blend of affor­dability and quality. The lower cost comes with some concessions, however; the material is thinner than the Creator, and it’s not organic cotton. These aren’t negatives, though — when worn, you’ll feel wrapped in a cloud. Or a marshmallow. It’s a sublime t-shirt, and its quality and price make it suited to almost any brand.

It’s designed with retail in mind, too. The side seams, taped shoulders and unisex style give this t-shirt a retail fit at home in any highstreet store. 

Bella + Canvas handle most of their manuf­ac­turing in the US. They have strong modern-day slavery policies and keep full control and acco­un­ta­bility throughout the manuf­ac­turing process. If you’re building a socially responsible brand, the CV3001 is a strong contender for your product choice.

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Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Close up of the GD05 from Gildan

From: £7.56 inc VAT.

Potential retail value: £15 - 25+


Ideal for: budget-friendly brands.

Prints: bold, blocky, colourful designs offer the best results. 

Weight/­material: 180 gsm/100% cotton

The GD05 from Gildan in white & black is the cheapest t-shirt available in our catalogue. Other colours start from £10.58 inc VAT, the same as colours for the CV3001. This price point makes the GD05 in black & white the go-to option for budget-friendly brands. 

Not all t-shirts print equally, and when compared to prints on the CV3001 & Creator, this is evident. Print quality is not bad by any means. Still, where the higher-priced entries in Inkthre­adable’­e catalogue offer fantastic detail repro­duc­tion, the GD05 excels with bold, bright, blocky colours with prints that last and last. Don’t forget — Yeezy launched a clothing collection on Gildan.

And that’s where we’d say the GD05 shines: band merch, startups, streetwear, and brands looking for a heavier feeling garment. When worn, the GD05 feels thick and textured, and at 180 gsm it’s the same weight as the Creator. 

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