How Content Creator Zoe Bread Changed Her Life with Print on Demand

Earlier this week, we had the privilege of having TikTok star Zoe Bread visit our print-on-demand facility! She was gracious enough to share her experiences with us, and it's clear that she has been able to focus more on content creation by utilising our print-on-demand services. She even went so far as to say Inkthreadable "changed my life"!

Who is Zoe Bread? 

Zoe Bread is an up-and-coming talent in the world of art and comedy who skyrocketed to fame by sharing her daily escapades on TikTok, accompanied by a unique t-shirt for each journey. After going viral, Zoe decided to start selling some of these designs online and now releases a new design every day to her 750K+ followers. 

To keep up with the demand for her t-shirts, Zoe switched to print-on-demand in July, and the results were staggering! 

Zoe now dedicates her time to creating deviously funny content for TikTok; while also being able to meet the ever-changing demand of selling t-shirts online.

To guarantee her anonymity, we enlisted acclaimed actors from the world of Zoe Bread, like The Bread Puppet, Skin Graft, Leg and Corky to star in this video.

Watch the video or scroll down to read more!

What's your favourite t-shirt you've designed?

"Maybe the one that has the dead chicken on from the Abbey Road cover of the Beatles that was covered up as a conspiracy."

How did you start creating t-shirts?

"I was trying to raise money to buy iron tablets because I self-diagnosed myself with anemia, so I bought Cricut machine and then I started putting drawings onto t-shirts.

And it just sort of happened!"

What did you do before using Inkthreadable to print your t-shirts?

"I was hand-making them all with vinyl and a heat press at home. I was only selling five of each design, one of each size."

why did the chicken cross abbey road?

What’s been your experience since using a print-on-demand service?

"It kind of changed my life, actually. It’s like too good, because it's too easy isn’t it.

I don't really have to do anything!"

If you could have anything, what would be your dream print-on-demand product?

"Oh, a tiny bear sized t shirt for little toys to wear that comes in three different sizes for bears because they're varied, but just one size would be good as well.

Like Build-A-Bear size t-shirt but a bit smaller."

Let's see what we can do...

Can you guess how many countries you’ve shipped t-shirts to? 

"... No"

Not even a wild guess?

"Yeah I'll do a wild guess, 32! More? I don't know how many countries there are! Six? 50?"

It's 45!

"Woah, that is a lot of countries!"

How do you come up with creative ideas for your t-shirts and TikTok videos?

"I just let random stuff in the world inspire me.

Like, I just see, like, a sign that says we don't want a petrol station.

So then I go, and I'm pretend that i’m a petrol station.

I dunno, I just see stuff and do it.

I don't think about it too hard."

What tips would you give to other artists thinking about using print on demand?

"I mean, there's not really much to lose because you don't have to outlay anything.

I mean it's just good, might as well just try it! Might as well."

What’s your most popular t-shirt, and what do you think made it so successful?

"Yeah, I think its always the crime based ones for some reason...

Like the piracy one 'I would steal a car', The one that says... 'I commit fraud' on it. I think they're the top ones, any crime based one!

So that's another tip for new people looking to start selling t-shirts, make designs about crime."

Final Thoughts!

We can't wait to see what Zoe does next! Keep up with her antics on TikTok @zoebreadtok, and check out her video from the visit:

@zoebreadtok thank you so much !!!! @Inkthreadable #tshirt ♬ original sound - zoë bread

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