Branding your brand

Let’s get real for a second and talk relabelling.

Anyone can start a t-shirt brand through drop shipping, but what they can’t do is start a brand and expect it to be a success overnight.

Build it and they will come? Nope. Build it, and signposts that point to it, and signs telling them they’ve found it and they might. And build reminders about it into what you’re selling and they just might come back.

Relabelling. It’s about reinforcing who you are, branding your products as a constant reminder of where they came from. It adds to the image of quality and authenticity of your brand, and i tells your customer that this thing you have built has been built to last.

But how do you go about branding your product when you’re printing them on-demand using pre-manufactured blanks?

Relabel your drop shipped t-shirts with Inkthreadable

Alongside free packing slips and parcel stickers, we offer the option to have your logo printed inside the neck of your products. You can save as many printed labels to your account as you like and select the one you want to use when placing your order, and if you’re integrating your online store with us you can assign the correct label on a variant by variant basis so you have complete control.

The best brands for relabelling

Some manufacturers make it difficult to relabel their products. These are typically brands whose garments are made for a much wider audience than the brands that use them for print on demand, but we offer two brands that are manufactured with direct to garment printing and drop shipping in mind. These are the brands we’d strongly recommend.

Relabelling Stanley/Stella products

Stanley Leads DTG printed label

These are the guys we’re always going to recommend first. Aside from their ethical and eco-friendly credentials, all branded Stanley/Stella labels are removed from all garments. This means that your products will always be unbranded, whether you opt for a printed label or not.

Of course, we’d still recommend you do add a label. The difference between a t-shirt with your label printed and without is quite staggering, just order a sample for yourself and see!

Relabelling Continental Clothing products

Continental Clothing N03 DTG printed label

Unlike Stanley/Stella, these products will always ship with a branded label in the left hand seam. These labels are stitched into the seam so we can’t remove them without causing damage, but it means there’s no branding in the neck; perfect for printing your own label.

Help with relabelling your products

You can find out everything you need to know about relabelling in our Help Centre, whether it’s how other brands are relabelled or how to add printed labels to your account and products.

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