Delays with shipping to Canada

Following an update from Royal Mail regarding shipping to Canada, we have removed the 'Regular' shipping option to Canada, and until further notice all orders placed will default to 'Recorded' shipping.

The update from Royal Mail is as follows:

CANADA DELAYS: All mail being sent from the UK to Canada is facing severe delays because of the on-going impact of COVID-19 and record volumes of traffic being received in Canada. We are processing the mail as normal in the UK, but delays are taking place once the mail reaches the Canadian border. As a result, we are unable to advise on likely delivery times.

Inkthreadable will still receive and fulfil orders heading to Canada, but to give both our customer and recipient as much information as possible regarding delivery we have decided to suspend 'Regular' shipping in favour of tracked services.

What does this mean?

Based on the advice available, only Canada is affected by delays and you can continue to advertise all shipping options and estimates for all other countries to your customers.

All orders will ship 'Recorded'
You can still ship orders to Canada. The 'Recorded' option remains available and allows for point-to-point tracking, so you'll know where your order is despite any delays.

Let your customers know
If you ship to Canada, you'll need to communicate both the delays and shipping method updates to your customers. It's always better to manage expectations before a sale.

Update your shipping methods
If you place orders manually, you'll only see the recorded option when you get to the checkout. But if you place orders through an integrated store, you should suspend your 'Regular' shipping method to Canada.

Shipping to Canada will cost more
The difference in pricing between the two shipping methods is approximately £5, regardless of parcel size. For example, shipping a single t-shirt to Canada costs £5.31 inc VAT with 'Regular', and £10.82 inc VAT with 'Recorded'. You can find all relevant shipping costs listed here under 'Rest of World'.

Please note: If an order bound for Canada comes through an integrated store it'll default to 'Recorded' shipping regardless of the shipping method the customer selected.

If you have any questions about this shipping update, please contact our support team on live chat.

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