Life, Love and Lateness

Nobody likes being late. Rushing around is stressful, you arrive at your destination feeling flustered and only then do you realise you’ve forgotten your phone, cashcard and keys. On top of all this, you’ve got your shirt on inside out. Tragic. Is there anything more annoying than this…?

Yes indeed. The one thing worse than being late yourself is waiting around for someone who is late! You’ve arrived at the meeting-point with time to spare, you’ve remembered to bring everything you need and you’re immaculately dressed. And now it’s the waiting game. Double tragic.

If any of this happens on a romantic date, then you can safely say that the relationship is over before it begins. So all of this is to remind YOU that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and you should be starting to promote YOUR Valentine gifts NOW, in plenty of time for the big day! Playing Cupid with your designs could turn over a tidy profit for you and you can use this extra cash to give your beloved a proper treat that will go a long way towards winning their affections. Or you could at least invest in a decent alarm clock to make sure you show up on time.

So, what are your ideas? Get designing today and upload your work to Inkthreadable. We will provide our expert service and place your designs onto a wide range of gifts that will get everyone interested as they try to win a heart of their own. Here are two of our favourite products that could be emblazoned with your Valentine visuals…

Phone Cases

No matter who is calling, every time they look at their phone they will be reminded of their loved one when they pick your design to feature on a classy phone case. Your images are professionally printed onto the full-wrap case and all of the most popular phone types are covered, including the brand new iPhone X. We use professional-quality plastic that has a gorgeously-glossy finish and the case simply snaps onto the phone to give instant protection and immediate panache.

Throw Cushions

Being separated from your beloved is a rotten experience. The misery is often eased with a simple hug and, if there’s nobody around to oblige, then a cushion can be the perfect surrogate. And don’t try to tell us that YOU haven’t given your pillow a squeeze in those lonely moments because we don't believe you. A cushion is thus a perfect Valentine’s gift and it’s your design that will be the centre of attention.

Check out our full product range and start promoting TODAY. All you need is love.

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