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Why Pink is the New Black in a Barbie Style

Welcome to PINKthreadable! 💒 

It's time to channel your inner Barbie and ride the wave of vibrant colour that's taking over the world.

We're serving up a collection of print-on-demand products in every shade of pink you can dream of, ensuring you've got the perfect colour for any occasion.

Looking to add some pink flair to your product line, event, or just to brighten your day? Say no more!

From classic pink tees to neon hoodies that scream 90's Barbie, we've got the pink pieces you need to make a statement this season.

So, let's dive into our top pink products available for print-on-demand today!

But why all the fuss about pink, you ask? ...

google search trend graph for the term pink t-shirt reaching a peak in july 2023

Source: 'Pink T shirt' Search term United Kingdom, Google Trends. Accessed 18th July 2023. 

Why Pink is the New Black

If you haven't seen the promotional storm for the new Barbie movie, firstly, welcome back to civilisation! It's a masterclass in marketing that's got everyone tickled pink.

The film industry's influence is undeniably far-reaching; even tech giants like Google are joining the pink party (go ahead, Google "Barbie" and prepare to be amazed).

Not only is Barbie influencing marketing trends on every corner of the planet - it's influencing buyer trends too!

The search term "pink t-shirt" is soaring to new heights. Reaching its peak in July 2023, it's clear - Pink is the new Black! 

It's a pink epidemic, and trust us, it's infectious...

If your brand has even a hint of pop culture inspiration and you haven't dipped your toes into the pink pool yet, allow us to help you seize this golden (or should we say, rosy?) opportunity. ✨

As the Barbie movie hits screens this week, we're riding on a wave of pink passion here at PINKthreadable. 

From the softest blush to the boldest fuchsia, we've hand-picked our top pink shades for you to sell using our print-on-demand service, from baby to dark pink. And for those wanting to turn heads, our NEW Festival Fuchsia pink hoodies are just the ticket!

Trends may be fleeting, but the allure of pink is timeless. So don't wait to stock up on the hottest, most stylish pink t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more.

Ready to paint your collections pink? Explore our fabulous pink products now and get ready to embrace a whole new wave of fabulous fashion!
baby pink sweatshirt modelled by a happy blonde woman

Baby Pink 🎀

Let's start with the sweetest of all - Baby Pink. This shade is as soft and comforting as a fluffy cloud, perfect for those cosy days. Can you imagine how sweet your designs will look printed onto a soft, brushed cotton sweatshirt in this lovely colour? 

You can find this dreamy hue across our AWDis range: the cosy Sweatshirt, the stylish College Hoodie, the trendy Cross Neck Hoodie, and let's not forget about the cute Kids Hoodie and Kids Sweatshirt.

cotton pink cruiser hoodie modelled by a happy woman

Cotton Pink 🌸

Next up, we have Cotton Pink. This colour is all about sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

Available on the bestselling Stanley/Stella Creator t-shirt, the Changer sweatshirt, and the Cruiser hoodie, this shade is as delightful as a cherry blossom in full bloom.

View all print-on-demand products in this colour.

azalea pink heavy cotton t-shirt modelled by a man with hands on hips

Azalea 💕

Now, let's talk about the yummiest shade of pink - Azalea, which is the same hue as AWDis's Candyfloss Pink. 

Like a fluffy bag of candyfloss at a funfair, this colour is pure joy and fun.

This yummy hue is available on the Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt, the Gildan Softstyle Ladies Fitted Ringspun T-shirt, and the Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Want something cosier? Look out for Candyfloss Pink on the AWDis Sweatshirt, Girlie College Hoodie and unisex College Hoodie.

You can rock your favourite pink shade in any style you choose.

hot pink hoodie being modelled by a happy woman

Hot Pink 💖

Ready to sizzle? Here comes Hot Pink! This colour is bold, bright, and energetic, like the perfect summer's day.

Look out for Hot Pink on the AWDis Sweatshirt, Girlie College Hoodie and unisex College Hoodie.

View all print-on-demand products available in Hot Pink. 

festival fuchsia hoodies modelled by a happy couple

NEW: Festival Fuchsia 🌺

Introducing our NEW shade of pink - Festival Fuchsia!

This vibrant pink shade is truly as eye-catching as a tropical flower. It's the perfect choice for those who love to stand out from the crowd.

Now available on the AWDis Sweatshirt and College Hoodie.

orchid flower hoodie

Orchid Flower 🌺

Last but certainly not least, meet Orchid Flower. This shade is similar to Festival Fuchsia but with an organic twist. It's like a beautiful orchid blooming in a lush garden, bringing a touch of nature to your collections.

Available across the organic Stanley/Stella range, including the best-selling Creator t-shirt and the Cruiser hoodie.  

View all print-on-demand products available in Orchid Flower. 

close up shot of a hot pink DTG print on a heather grey sweatshirt

Printy in Pink 🍓

Let's talk about making your designs pop like a pink bubblegum balloon!

To achieve the most vibrant colours, it's best to double-check the CMYK values of your design colours.

For a bright pink, keep the Magenta (M) high, with a small % of Yellow (Y) to determine the hue (but keep C: 0 and K: 0 for the brightest pinks). 

Finally, export your design as an sRGB PNG file for the most vibrant result. Our printers will automatically convert your digital colours to produce the final print.

Need a little help? Don't fret! Feel free to message our team, and they'll be more than happy to lend a hand.

Keep in mind that the final shade of your design will print differently from how it appears on screen - and the garment fabric and colour will affect this too.

Check out this hot pink design we printed on a Heather Grey AWDis Sweatshirt using hex code #EA578A for an idea of how pink we can print.

And remember, you upload your custom designs to view mockups of your products in minutes.

Let your creativity shine, and start designing today. After all, in Barbie's world, you can be anything you want to be! 💖

barbie quote

Get ready to embrace your inner Barbie girl with these amazing pink products - we can't wait to see which ones you pick!

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