Wrap your hands around our new mugs

'Pop the kettle on, love.' 

'Shall I brew up?'

'Who's for a cup of tea?'

It's the perfect time of year for mugs. Its wet, cold and windy outside, the days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and nothing warms you up like a good brew. 

And they always taste better from your favourite coffee mug. 

15 ounce sublimation mug

Travel sublimation mug

Enamel Sublimation Mug

Well, we've just launched 3 new mugs to keep the winter weather at bay: Enamel Mugs, 15oz Mugs and Travel Mugs! And the best part? They're the perfect product for Christmas.

Everyone loves a mug. Age, job, gender? Doesn't matter.

Whether it's camp stove heated hot chocolate on top of Snowdon, lukewarm tea travelling at 60mph down the M6 Southbound, or a massive mug of coffee laying down flooring for the new kitchen. You've got it covered. 

Along with our 11oz and Two Toned options, coffee mugs are the perfect Christmas up-sell item; it's likely a visitor to your store isn't there for mugs, but there's no reason why they won't add one or two to their basket along with that sweater before checking out! A great way to suceed with this is using an app, such as Product Upsell from BOLD (with a free trial for 30 days it's well worth giving it a go). 

All mugs are printed using dye sublimation, where heat and pressure are applied to a transfer to cure ink within the fabric of the products. It's a digitial print method so we can achieve photo-realsitic results.

Ordering samples

Once you've created your new products, add them to your basket and use the code MUGS10 at checkout to take 10% off! 

If you'd like any help with ordering samples or you'd like some more information about these new products you can send a message on live chat or send us an email.


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