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For our most frequently asked questions regarding drop shipping, please see here.

If you’re thinking about starting your own clothing line, fashion brand or t-shirt business then you’re more than certainly in the right place: our team isn’t just here to get you started, but to help you every step of the way towards success. 

All of our available products & prices can be found here. These prices include: garment, print & VAT. Shipping costs can be found here.

The Inkthreadable team’s decades of experience in the t-shirt printing industry can transform your imagination into a physical product, and we’re always following new technologies, print methods and brands to keep you, our customers, ahead of the competition. If you’re passionate about design, printed t-shirts, custom clothing and the clothing industry and you’re ready to create a loyal brand for your customers to follow then we're going to get along perfectly.

Adopt our drop shipping model for your order fulfilment and you’ll notice two things: it’s simple and it works. Starting a t-shirt brand might have been expensive once-upon-a-time, when start-ups had to decide how many units of which designs to buy, along with the split of sizes they estimated they’d sell, but things have changed. Our drop shipping service eliminates the need for printed stock, the biggest financial risk in a t-shirt business.

How drop shipping works

  • Your customer places an order on your website.
  • You check the order and forward it to Inkthreadable
  • We process the order and print the garments.
  • We finish, pack and ship the order straight to your customer in plain cover. We can even include your company branding.

It's as easy as that! Leaving the printing, processing and dispatching to us gives you a lot more time to concentrate on developing your brand, such as:

  • Creating a social presence
  • Updating and Optimising your website
  • Creating new designs
  • Looking for distributers and stockists
  • Marketing & Advertising

If you are interested in our drop shipping services, want advice on starting your clothing brand or wish to bulk order stock for your new or fully established business you can contact us, speak to our team on Live Chat below or read our FAQ.

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