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Inkthreadable Integration = Shopify Automation

Integrating Inkthreadable with Shopify is really easy, takes hardly a moment and makes product fulfilment painless. And three out of three ain’t bad. Integrate and sync today; here’s how…

If you’ve got a Shopify store selling products that we can fulfil for you, then integration with Inkthreadable is a route you should be taking. The Inkthreadable app teams harmoniously with Shopify to fully automate order fulfilment, passing customer orders smoothly on for printing as they are placed in your store.

OK, let’s get integrated. Follow these seven steps:

  1. Head to the Shopify App Store and find the Inkthreadable app
  2. Click ‘Get’ at the top of the page
  3. The first time you open the app you'll be prompted to create an Inkthreadable account or to log into your existing account with your details. Make sure to fill in all the details to avoid processing and delivery delays: double check you have given the correct billing address on the Account Details page
  4. Your Shopify store is now integrated with the expert fulfilment service here at Inkthreadable and it’s time to start syncing products you want to be fulfilled by us
  5. Log into Shopify and navigate to the dashboard, where you’ll find an ‘Apps’ button on the left-hand menu; find the Inkthreadable app and sign in
  6. Click ‘Link Products’ to see a list of your existing Shopify products and click ‘Edit’ to access the option to link to Inkthreadable. You can also create new products directly through the Inkthreadable catalogue
  7.  If your product has variations, make sure these are checked on the appropriate drop down menus. The green bars represent the percentage of variants that have been linked.

At Inkthreadable, we take great care to produce items of superior quality, in a wide range of formats designed to increase sales dramatically. Not only do we supply a select range of garments in all shapes and sizes, we also create functional items such as phone cases (including for the brand new iPhone X), mugs, cushions, lampshades and bags; even Baby gets a look in with our classy PVC changing mats! The finishing touch is our selection of superior canvases, each ready to be uniquely emblazoned with YOUR design.

Integrate with Inkthreadable TODAY and see immediate benefits. Need help or advice? Visit our Help Centre or get in touch with our experts directly.

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