What We Do

There are printing companies, and then there’s Inkthreadable… and we do things a little differently. After hand selecting the fluffiest kittens to lick your designs into life, your products are hand delivered by a barbershop quartet on horseback singing the Star Wars theme song.

Well, maybe not. But you’ll feel like they were. That's because we never stop refining our printing techniques, quality control and customer service to give you the user experience that meets our high standards. Unlike other printers, we’re not here to take the profit out of selling your work: we’re here to put it back in. We’re here to make it worthwhile and exciting, the way selling your own products should be. Yay!

Our experience tells us people like to sell their own products in their own way.

Inkthreadable have developed three services for you to do just that, and best of all they’re simple and hassle free.

Drop shipping

Drop Shipping

Your website takes an order. You pass it on to us for
fulfilment. You put your feet up with a cup of Earl Grey
and a packet of Hobnobs. That's drop shipping.

We’ve built our drop shipping service to give you exactly what you’re after – amazing quality, unbeatable prices and a customer support team ready to shoot the trouble out of your problems at the drop of a hat. Yee haw!

With drop shipping you don’t spend money on stock, and don’t get stuck with stock you can’t sell. Sounds perfect for any aspiring fashion brand or designer, right?

Drop shipping processes

Every product we offer can be drop shipped, no matter how it’s created: whether it’s a vinyl hoodie or an embroidered tee it’s all the same to us.

Making your customers happy makes you smile. And we do love to see you smile. So we move mountains to make your customers happy. It’s almost like the circle of life.

Bulk ordering

Bulk Ordering

Got some products in high demand?
It's OK, weary shopkeeper, we're here to help.

Bulk ordering your products can save over 50% on the production cost if you were to order the same quantity through drop shipping. Its perfect for those product lines you know you can sell - so go for it, we believe in you.

You can bulk order anything. A-ne-thing you want. Eighty DTG hoodies? Done. Four hundred screen-printed tees? No problem. Twelve thousand, six hundred and twenty three Space Cowboy mugs? Of course… wait… what?

Once printed, we'll ship your bulk order out for you to fulfil your own orders with whenever you need, removing us from the order fulfilment process. Slowly your business will develop into a fashion brand worth billions and billions. Well, maybe not billions, but there's no harm in having a dream!

Inkthreadable Store

Inkthreadable Store

It's time someone re-invented the way artists sell online.

This is our favourite.

Something isn’t right when more often than not an artist’s percentage of a sale wouldn’t even pay for a Freddo. It’s time someone re-invented the way artists sell online. Now we don’t mean to brag but… we’re someone.

We want to support artists; to let them use Inkthreadable as a springboard to success.

By opening your own store at Inkthreadable you’ll have access to our huge product catalogue, drop shipping service and customer support team – you just need to provide the awesome designs we know you’re capable of. 

The best part is we’re only here to get you set up and fulfil your orders – you’re in control of everything else, from branding and prices to the appearance of your store. You can even offer special discounts and promotions to sell your products the way you want to.

Sell your art. But sell it your way.

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